Tuesday, April 3, 2012

REVIEW: Ole Henriksen Aloe Vera Deep Cleanser

If you want to know more about this product, please read on for the rest of the review and more pictures. If you can't tell by the picture, this is Ole Henriksen's Aloe Vera Deep Cleanser. It is 1/6 of the Oily and Blemish Prone Starter Kit available at Sephora. I have decided to review all of the products separately instead of in 1 post, because that's just what they deserve.

I have to start off this review by saying that this is one of those lova/hate products for me. I love it because it completely transformed my skin from what it used to be. I hate it because it works best with the products from the same line, which is saddening for my wallet. In a perfect world this would be my #1 cleanser and I would buy it along weith the other magnificent products from the line. But in my world, I find myself looking for more bargain buys than repurchasing the products that work for me. This clenaser not only worked for me, but it went above and beyond in perofrmance. Pictured above is the travel sized one because it is the one that came in the Oily and Blemish Prone Skin Starter Kit that I purchased in September of 2010. Yes it has been that long since I discovered Ole's products. This review is very long overdue. When I first started using this cleanser it was kind of a last resort for me because my skin was so bad. I had blemishes galore and nothing was helping. I finally decided to bite the bullet and invest some serious moolah. I spent the $68 dollars on this kit because it seemed well worth it and the reviews were pretty good at the time. I actually repurchased this cleanser about a month later during the F&F sale because I loved it so much. The full sized cleanser lasted me well over a year because a little goes a long way. So it is safe to say it is a very good investment, but not so much when repurchased with everything else.

I loved this cleanser because it balanced out my skin without over drying it. I'm not sure if there is antyhgin in this clenaser meant specifically to combat blemishes, but this combined with the other products cleared up my skin. The one con I have with this cleanser is the smell. I know that overwhelming smells are a problem for most people, and the Ole's prioducts are no exception. I am not a fan of strong scents wither, but none of the scnets from the products bother me. They are all intense, but in a good way. This one just smells like a strong dose of aloe vera. It does not bother me at all because it leaves your skin nice and minty. That is the only legitimate con I can push up against this cleanser. Like I mentioned earlier the price might be an issue, but it is worth every penny. I would recommend trying this kit out during the infamous F&F sales during the year. I might actually pick a kit up during one of these as well. I still have about 1 oz of product left that I use only before special occasions because I do not want it to finish. I most definitely recommend this to anyone struggling on finding a cleanser that will treat your skin without harshness. That is it for this review, I hope you guys enjoy this product as much as I do. =)

Price: $21.00USD / $30.00USD
Amount: 7 fl oz. / 12 fl oz.
Will I repurchase this?: I definitely will when I finish the rest of the temporary ones.
Do I recommend this?: YES A million times Yes. Holy Grail stuff here guys.
Recession Seal: I have to say APPROVED because although the price tag is steep, the cleanser will last you a long time. 

What Ole Henriksen says about their product: "A powerful A.M. and P.M. cleanser for combination and acne-prone skin. Formulated with aloe vera, chamomile, and plenty of beneficial vitamins to soothe, clear, restore balance, and deeply cleanse the skin. It is formulated WITHOUT: Synthetic Fragrances, Petro-Chemicals, Phthalates, GMO, and Triclosan.”

-Aloe vera gel: Moisturizing, calming, healing.
-Chamomile extract: Softening, soothing.
-Comfrey extract: Anti-inflammatory, astringent.

-Vitamin E: A repairing, soothing, antioxidant.

  • Packaging: 5/5 
  • Value: 5/5 
  • Effectiveness: 5/5 
  • Price: 4/5 
  • Overall: 5/5
For reference this is what the kit looks like. Look out for the reviews on the rest of these products.

Where to Buy: (Ole Henriksen, or Sephora)

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