Thursday, April 5, 2012

BEAUTY RECIPE: Ole Henriksen's Vodka Skin Tonic

Here's a video for you guys on one of my favorite beauty gurus, Ole Henriksen. I've never really mentioned him and his brand on my blog but have praised them on my twitter. I absolutely love this video for its simplicity. I have yet to try this recipe but I definitely will and let you guys know how it goes. I can't get enough of Ole Henriksen!

If you wanna know more about the video and the instructions and ingredients on how to make this toner then please keep on reading.

Here is a rundown of the video telling you guys how to make this magical and addicting vodka skin tonic for oily skin. Expect a review on this. Enjoy! :)

-Measuring Cup
-Empty Toner Spray Bottle (6+oz.)
-Rose Hips Tea (2 oz.)
-2 Lemons (2 oz. juice)
-Russian Vodka (2 oz.)

INSTRUCTIONS: Brew about 2 oz. of rose hips tea, and make sure it is strong. Juice about 2 oz. of lemon juice from the lemons. Add it to the cup containing the tea. Next you need the RUSSIAN vodka, it is the best to use for the face. Pour the vodka into the cup with the other ingredients. That is it for the ingredients.

As always, you can improvise as you go. Because these are all natural ingredients it might not turn out perfect every time. It's just like cooking in the kitchen, sometimes you have to feel and touch and smell.

USAGE: Use it on your face morning and night after your cleanser. Mist it on lightly.

BENEFITS: Best for oily skin. 
-Stimulates circulation. 
-Lemons tighten the pores and control excess oil flow, and fight blemishes. 
-The vodka is naturally antiseptic. 

STORAGE: It will last for weeks and weeks as long as it is placed in the refrigerator.

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