Saturday, August 27, 2011

REVIEW: Urban Decay All Nighter Long-Lasting Makeup Setting Spray.

Hey guys so if you haven't heard about this product from Urban Decay....I just don't know how it's possible. This spray has had many rants and raves in the beauty community, and as always I'm here to contribute. This is something that to me I would consider a necessity in my makeup routine. 
I don't know if it's me being brainwashed that a setting spray is necessary or that I just like this product that much. In my opinion you do get your money's worth because the bottle will last you quite a while. It's not on the drugstore side of the price spectrum, but it is affordable. Of course you pay what you get for, this is Urban Decay we're talking about right? Anyways this spray gets a thumb up from me because it indeed does the job it's supposed to. I haven't gone up to 16 hours after use but I have gone up to 12. The only thing this hasn't helped me too much is to control the oil on my nose. Either nothing can ever help me with that or just this spray can't control the oil madness going on in that area. Another interesting fact about this product, it is basically like a remake from a brand called SKINDINÄVIASKINDINÄVIA is world renowned for its amazing setting sprays. So this essentially is just a spray from them with an Urban Decay label. No wonder I loved it! I did indeed  notice the cooling makeup feature, in the heat sweat wouldn't show through the makeup like usual.

Price: $29.00USD.
Amount: 4.0 US fl oz / 118 ml 
Range: Normal Skin (All Nighter), Oily Skin (De-Slick), and Dry Skin (Dew Me).
Will I purchase again?: I might, but I'll most likely try the De-Slick one.
Recession Seal: Approved. You get a ton of product, and a little goes a long way. Plus you won't find too many drugstore setting sprays.

What Urban Decay says about their product: "Your makeup will last 16 hours! Perfect for all skin types, this ultra-fine mist holds makeup for brides, dancers, and ladies who just like lookin' GOOD. In an exclusive partnership with SKINDINÄVIA, we developed this groundbreaking, hypoallergenic setting spray that keeps your makeup on for 16 unbelievable hours. Legendary enough that it’s already inspired imitations, All Nighter boasts a patent pending Temperature Control Technology that makes this weightless mist so powerful and sets it far above the competition. Your makeup won’t melt when it's warm and humid or become dehydrated when it’s cold and windy. Yes, it actually lowers the temperature of your makeup to hold foundation, eyeshadow, blush and concealer in place. The sprayer, unlike others on the market, delivers a micro-fine mist that distributes product evenly over the skin."

-Doesn't make you oilier.
-Doesn't dry your skin out.
-Does increase the longevity of your makeup.
-Light fresh smell.
-Didn't make me break out.

-Spray can get clogged if not used often.

Packaging: 4/5
Value: 5/5
Performance: 4/5
Overall: 4/5

Where To Purchase: (Urban Decay counters, Sephora stores/online,,

Let me know how this product works out for you and if you liked it or not. I would love to hear people's feedback because honestly this is just my opinion. It doesn't mean you have to like it or dislike it just because I say it is good or bad. Always look out for what's best for you and try things out for yourself. Thanks for reading.

Disclosure: The product mentioned in this post was purchased 100% by me for personal use and to be featured here on my blog. Honesty is always the best policy, so I can honestly say that I am not being compensated in anyway whatsoever to talk about this product.

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