Friday, December 9, 2011

HAUL: Magnolia Makeup

Hey guys so I know I should stop hauling but honestly this was such a steal that I had to cross it off of my wishlist  Magnolia Makeup was having a sale for 50% off their pigments and glitters. So I got them each for d dollars. How awesome for these amazing pigments! Review to come of course. I got 3 specific colors because I loved one of the looks that Lauren A.K.A QueenOfBlending had posted on her facebook. The others I got just because I liked them and I do not regret getting any of them! I'll post swatches along with the review, BTW these colors are beyond gorgeous! Read on for the rest of the pictures :)

Magnolia Makeup Haul:
-Truffle Pigment
-Mystique Pigment
-Gold Nugget Pigment
-Double Rice Pigment
-Silver Hologram Glitz
-Blue Glitz

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