Friday, July 29, 2011

Haul: KleanColor Nail Lacquers and Randoms

I am coming to fall in love with KleanColor polishes. They are super affordable and amazing quality! I've been buying them from a user on eBay called 27kitten, check them out if you need a fixing for these polishes like I do! They retail for $3.49 and she sells them for $1.75, albeit the shipping is $2.50 for 1 so I make it worth my while and get a handful. When I was in Vegas I got a manicure before coming back to L.A. and I fell in love with a polish and it was in impulse buy but I shelled out $7 for it. Crazy right! This was the first I had ever heard of the brand so I didn't know their value until I got home. I was distraught so I went out to seek more, I usually go to eBay when I want something cheap and fast so I was satisfied with all my purchases. In total I have 15 of these polishes now and I just discovered them a little over a month ago. But KleanColor is my new favorite brand for all the tie in factors. Look for a review in the near future!

Read on for the rest of the haul!

So one of the major things I do on occasion is retail therapy. So this is just an accumulation of things I have been buying over the past couple of months to cheer me up.


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